Yaya | Motion Language

Stand out, Transform Music and Beyond


Motion graphics: Ade Omole

About the project

Music is the starting point. The brief for this product was to help Zee5 become the stand out audio streaming service that transforms the way people listen to music and beyond, the vision was to create a gateway from music to making a space for podcasts, live, videos, radio etc.

The sizzle film below brings together work from the product design team and celebrates the beauty of the product.

Motion theory

Motion gave the product personality, through the way in which components move between states and as visual cues for levels of focus. This set of animations reinforced the visual language and contributed to creating a memorable and standout experience.

The Yaya logo was the inspiration for the two visual motifs that define the distinctive look and feel throughout application across product and marketing. The highlight stroke offers great versatility, whilst the use of angles breaks the mould of rectangular forms typical across the digital world.

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