Voot Kids | 2D + 3D Motion Design

The Fun Kids Media Platform


Motion graphics: Ade Omole
3D Motion Design : Ade Omole

About the project

An entertainment platform which is also educational for users and curated by their parents.

The Voot Kids platform was a great opportunity for me to take a deep dive into interaction design, 3D motion and UX motion.

Above are two splash screens I designed to celebrate the character of the product as a whole.

Interactions and Transitions

We designed this experience as a place for kids to have fun, so it was vital to not hold back but rather inject life into every opportunity available. User interactions are some of the most sensitive moments in product experiences, typically when interacting with a product we can feel and converse on a completely different level.

The personality for Voot Kids is embodied in both the TV device and mobile app splash screens. Playful, surprising and happy. I had the privilege of designing some of the modals and buttons in which I could reflect these attributes.

Moments of Delight

Trophies are awarded for progress and attainment on the Voot Kids app, so it was important that we made kids feel celebrated for the good work they were doing as well as motivating them to keep going.

I designed the trophy animation with a confetti approach, the rockets were a fan favourite with kids and the client.

Thanks for viewing!