Voo | UX Motion

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UX Motion: Ade Omole
Animation: Ade Omole

About the project

To create a uniquely VOO experience, the product should be an expression 
of the brand principles. In this case, flexible, simple, reliable, surprising and inspiring.

Content is the primary driver for users. My main contribution to the product was ensuring that the experience was simple in motion for the users but also for the engineers to build whilst giving nuance to the brand.

Starting with a Mnemonic

We used the logo and mnemonic to define a distinctive vocabulary of form, colour and motion.
We took the rounded shapes and refined them to create the elements that users interact with directly, using the V to form the play icon throughout.

It is important to put as much of the brand into the Mnemonic as possible as I used it as one of the main drivers for rationale. The colour fuchsia is second only to the logo, which is why it was used sparingly and only as an accent for key elements in navigation denoting the users' focus.

By routing the motion within the UI to the Mnemonic, the brand stands out without having to show the VOO logo. The brand becomes celebrated on every screen of the experience.

Bringing Hero Journeys to Life

Hero journeys help teams better understand the end-user, these three journeys helped the team take the product design process leaps forward from the low fidelity designs and give the client confidence in our approach.

Hero journey 1 - “I want to explore my recommended content”

Hero journey 2 - “I want to continue watching on my Mobile”

Hero journey 3 -“I want to record an airing & restart a live program”

Through these explorations, I was able to solidify the motion parameters and create a system consistent throughout the product.

Thanks for viewing!