Vebo | UX Motion

Bringing Magic to the Vebo Experience


Director & 3D + 2D Motion Design: Ade Omole

About the project

Vebo is a fresh take on digital banking. The brief was to go beyond traditional banking and methods to bring in a refreshing and magical experience for digital banking. To make people feel good about their money, leverage the Virgin brand and create an iconic and memorable Virgin banking experience.

My focus was to use motion to support way finding within an exciting mobile banking experience.

The film below is a high level view of the app experience and design.

It begins with a Mnemonic

I developed a mnemonic to define the motion language for the Vebo application.

This motion language adds personality, consistency and helps communicate the functionality of the interface. There are two types of animation; signature and utilitarian transitions.

The app launch salutes the brand, connecting back to the virgin money master brand highlighting the core features of the app.​​​​​​​ This initial motion informs how the rest of the interface moves and transitions across states and pages.

The heart of the tool and Magical moments

Launching the assistance should feel similar and in line with the app launch animation. It’s where you can celebrate your brand with a splash of colour and land on a clean a sophisticated conversational interface.

Magic comes from how your brand manifests within the product experience.
How it works (interaction), the way it looks (visual) and how it moves and behaves (motion).

Interaction: reduce cognitive load for the user.

Visual: simple to understand and delightful to use.

Motion: to guide the user through the experience.

Thanks for viewing!