Stream TV | Product Video

Sleeker and faster, Verizon Stream TV Gen 2


Director & 3D Motion Design: Ade Omole

About the project

One of the primary goals for this product was to grow the Stream TV proposition.

The purpose of this product film was to show off how much more this product offers than its predecessor.


All my video projects start with a script and are closely followed by a storyboard.

I believe storyboards are a very important part of the pre-production process because they clearly convey how the story will flow and at this early stage I can play with ideas and not be to precious about the end result.

Modelling and Moulding

The design process was full of opportunities and challenges, but the main focus was taking the aesthetic of the Stream TV Ui and the soul of the UX, to create something that could consciously excite.

Experimenting at this stage to achieve the best results forced me to learn new skill and these efforts are can be seen in the videos below.

Thanks for viewing!