Bpaid Finance App | UX Motion

Next Generation Bpaid App


UX Motion: Ade Omole
Animation: Ade Omole

About the project

The main goal of this project was to bring the bpaid app into the present and set it up for the future. Across 10 weeks our team was able to turn a complexed offering with confusing legislation into and simple solution and set the foundations to turn bpaid into a market leader.

UX in Motion

My most important role on this team was to assist with wayfinding through motion. To design transitions and interactions that make this app easy to use in complex or new situations.

In this case, the foundations for the motion were built of the Mnemonic, which was led by the bpost logo. The logo is a bullseye target denoting always on target, always precise. The animation this generates is a central point of focus and a ripple effect on its surroundings or in the context of this product, what follows.

Below is a gallery of interactions and journeys that portray this. The point of interaction is always activated first, then the UI updates around it allow the user to have a focal point and know where they are and where they are coming from at all times.


Commonly in products, there can be situations where things do not run as quickly as expected. I was required to design a loader for this.

Where possible I normally advise engineers to use Lottie (JSON) animation for components like this for easy integration and a lighter workload. I designed several loader options but the winner was the loader which felt most on-brand as it captured some of the sweeping strokes found in integral parts of the product.

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