currently working as UX Motion designer at Spotify.


  WHO I AM  



Ux Motion

Going deep into what products need, who they are and defining their character is one of my favourite things to understand. Crafting this part of a products experience takes patience and is an integral part to the product design. 

2D + 3D Motion

My interest in motion graphics is what paved the way for me to get me to where I am today. The journey has been filled with projects in pretty much every industry, with opportunities in  animation, products, social, and advertising.

Interaction design

Interactions are crucial to bringing digital products alive. This where the magic happens. I inject life into prototypes and designs to help reveal the vision for the product and make it real.


Video has been a passion of mine from before I knew how to handle a camera. Now that I am here I use it as a storytelling tool to inspire and create content that is meaningful for brands and causes which help shape the world we live in.

About me

Adé Omole.

I am a creative Ui Motion and Video designer working in the digital design industry. I have over 7 years of experience working in 2D and 3D motion as well as video editing.

Early in my motion graphics career, opportunities in the advertising and production space helped me sharpen my storytelling and video skills.

However, I’ve spent most of the last 4 years focusing on UX motion theory in digital products, interaction design and crafting user-friendly interfaces that are enjoyable for people to use.

Keep Up with My Latest Work

I also have a passion for telling stories through documentaries and interviews, so feel free to reach out and have a conversation about your projects.